« Few artists can claim to have the talent to create , with the same degree of success, both abstract and figurative paintings as well as sculptures – gliding from one world to another… »

Marie Laure Brémond

Isabelle’s places : Paris, Martinique, Aix-en-Provence, Mauritania, Marocco, London, Australia, Cuba , Minorca.

Certainly her Polish origins have endowed her with a temperament dominated by her life force energy – a vital energy that she draws from the earth and its roots.

After journeys in the desert, the sand, the rock appear, following the mountain of victories captured by Cézanne, and where she lives now. Connecting the earth to the sky in her landscapes and her sculptures, in the often vertical movement of her bodies who are looking for unity in the world so that the spirit can be uplifted.

Paper, ink, drawing, matter, colour, all is useful to deal with her favourite themes : danse, theatre, flamenco, song, opera, music, percussion, nature, corrida, horses.

All is movement, all is life… .
The importance being that the technique is adapted to the desired expression.

Just to succeed in saying what one is, what is felt so that with simplicity, precision and felicity, it can be shared at last …and the rewards received….