Self-taught painter sculptor


Close to Aix en Provence since childhood, she rubs shoulders with the successors of Cézanne who support and advise in his desire to paint. Self-taught, she follows the Live models to fine arts courses, meeting Amado and Maurice Pontana, pupil of Bissière, who will follow his evolution. At the age of 24, she went to live in Martinique. Its so dark palette undergoes a shock before both colorful forces proposed Islands! After digestion of these new data, his palette lights, forms develop, formats grow up to create the murals.

Back in France, she develops in the Paris suburbs are desire of pedagogy and teaching that close to his heart, while consistently his pictorial research. She participates in many trade fairs and exhibition of contemporary art in Paris.

Since ten years, she set up her Studio in Trets, near Aix en Provence, and participates in the development of artistic projects with the Kourant of the Hang Art association’ s.

His work:

Paintings of a rare force, pure energy, vital impetus… The body, human, animal, tree are always present, always in motion.

Seeking to link ochres of the Earth with the blue of the sky, the body and the spirit and the spiritual matter. The verticality of his sculptures is part of this same process: probe into this black stoneware deep thoughts to reveal them to the light and look for the agreement, unity. A work of density, contrast.

She draws his creations in his imagination that makes resurface elements of mythology and symbols that elude him.
A painting and a sculpture of spontaneous emotion and heart.